Building a Raspberry Pi Controllable RGB LED Strip

As part of a larger project, I built an RGB LED strip switch board that can be controlled by a Raspberry Pi. I'm not much of an electrical engineer, so don't judge my awful schematics and soldering.


I looked through a ton of online articles some were hit or miss. I based my project off of David Ordnung's post.


Physical Schematic


I used a piece of perfboard without any solder spots. I don't recommend using these at all. They're incredibly difficult to worth with and you end up with a bunch of loose components. That said, it's what I had and it did the job.

Top view of the switch board

Another top view

Soldering everything together with wires is also really delicate work and requires decent soldering skills. It can e done haphazardly like I did, but it will end up with melted insulation and possibly more shorts than you wanted. I'd still recommend getting a perfboard with solder pads.

Awful wiring


I initially tried just using the adhesive on the LED strip, but that was woefully inadequite. I was mounting to the back side of monitors and they fell off almost instantly. So I went searching my local hardware store and found some drywall corners. They're intended to make a clean seam in the corner of the room where drywall comes together. Easy to cut to size and rigid enough for my purposes.

LED Strip mounting to the drywall corner

And I mounted the newly trimmed switch board directly to the drywall corner.

Switch board mount to the drywall corner

I then used double sided tape to adhere it to the back of the monitor.

Mount to the monitor

Final Look

Looks pretty good.

View of the ambient light

NOTE: I hope to update this more with better instructions in the near future, but wanted to get this up.