1. VR Mimic Test

    Testing how a rigged player model in Unity might mimic the HTC Vive player.

  2. VR Dodgeball Test

    Very rudimentary test of a dodgeball concept with the HTC Vive

  3. Setting Up Let's Encrypt With Lighttpd

    So earlier today(yesterday, now) Let's Encrypt was released as a public beta and thought I'd test it out on this site. The certs that it generates currently have a short expiration(4 months at the time of this writing) but since I'd never pay to encrypt this site but still like having encryption always available, thought I'd give it a shot.

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These are my currently active projects.

  • Solidbyte

    Solidbyte is an Ethereum smart contract development framework that supports Solidity and Vyper.

  • Scatter

    An open source, decentralized IPFS pinning service.

  • Etherep

    Etherep is an ultra-simple dapp for providing a dependable, crowdsourced reputation to Ethereum. Users rate an address on a scale of -5 (worst) to 5(best). Then all scores are combined to give an overall rating of the address.

  • ansible-geth

    Ansible playbooks for deploying go-ethereum.

  • Ethenticity